Cox PhotoRetreats

When properly planned and executed, retreats offer teams the opportunity to brainstorm, plan, problem-solve, and hone team working skills and cohesiveness. Temporarily withdrawing from day-to-day distractions and concentrating on specific topics can provide a powerful lens through which to gain clarity and focus on critical matters.


Workshops are enhanced by having a disinterested party, a professional with substantive experience, act as organizer and facilitator. These services, provided by Cox Wisdom Works, include:

  • Team Building
  • Understanding group dynamics
  • Establishing shared priorities
  • Leadership development
  • Educational issues and challenges in the future
  • The impact of accelerating change
  • Technology and human values

Strategic Planning

This is an oft-used but seldom well employed tool for developing a long-range plan. A commitment to ongoing strategic thinking leads more effectively to the development of a flexible strategic framework that is consistently reviewed and revised. Once in place, organizational decision making issues are vetted by asking if contemplated actions are consistent with mission, vision, and core values. Cox Wisdom Works will serve as your institution’s guide, facilitator, and mentor during this process.

Case Studies

Case studies are real-life examples of organizations, leaders, and boards as they deal with complex and often difficult situations. (Names are changed to protect the innocent!) A case narrative, sometimes broken into several components, frames the context and poses questions to yield views on best solutions. In those instances when there is no single clear solution, groups must wrestle, discern and then defend their conclusions.

Keynote Speaking

My profession has demanded expertise in public speaking. I am an effective and motivational communicator and am available to address your constituents on topics such as those cited in the Workshops section or on other topics you may wish to explore.

Behavior Analysis

As a certified DISC consultant, I am able to offer a powerful tool to develop and improve your organization’s human capital. DISC is a behavioral assessment model developed in the 1920s and is widely used to assess behavioral trends in business, industry, non-profits, and education. Broadly, it assesses an individual’s tendencies n terms of dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. Applied individually, it delineates in detail how these characteristics influence behavior in terms of leaders, followers, team members, conflict management, motivational influences, and other areas. Using the DISC assessment, I can help your organization strengthen its governance, leadership, teamwork, and overall strategy.


Every organization needs thoughtful breathing space from time to time in order to give wisdom a seat at the table. For those who recognize this need, my goal is to assist you in making the most valuable use of that time.

Rather than bring wisdom to you, I provide a framework and guidance for your organization’s own wisdom to emerge. This frequently entails addressing such issues as:

  • How you relate to one another and as a team
  • How the chief executive relates to the governing body
  • How the different pieces of the organization communicate with one another and the people you serve
  • Whether your purpose (mission) truly aligns with what you’re actually doing
  • How you make wise decisions about the future, which is all that strategic planning really amounts to.

All organizations have their own particular “culture,” and for that reason I’m committed to tailoring my services to meet your individual needs.