Mentor: “Someone whose hindsight can become  your foresight.” – Unknown source (but correct!)

Few people are truly prepared for the complexities, challenges, and surprises of a first headship or first leadership of a non-profit organization. Successfully managing external relations, institutional mission, and fundraising will be key to your success. With over 35 years of extensive leadership experience in these areas, I offer the benefits of lessons learned, insights gained, and crises faced. My goal is to pass along both knowledge and wisdom to optimize your chances for success and positive impact.

Mentoring relationships are available for three- or six-month periods and will consist of an assessment of your mandate, if any, as well as expectations, opportunities and challenges. I will then spend additional time talking with trustees, constituents, faculty, staff, students, families, alumni, and customers to make an assessment of the leadership role you have accepted. This will be followed by on-site visits, email and phone support, and meetings with the Board Chair and/or executive committee to discuss issues and offer recommendations.